Скачать nas 320 как понизить прошивку: фаршированный картофель рецепт пошагово с фото

Nas 320 как понизить прошивку

Deprecated: preg_replace(): The /e modifier is deprecated, use preg_replace_callback instead in /home/users/7/700701/domains/moetv.org/engine/classes/templates.class. 12/04/2017 Эксперты Tolly Group высоко оценили новый коммутатор 3 уровня DGS-3630-28TC; 10/04/2017 C апреля. Jul 10, 2012 I've got a D-Link DNS 320 and the standard firmware is clunky and limited. firmware that can reliably be installed on the DNS 320? nas.

Обсуждение NAS D-Link DNS-320L Обсуждение, прошивка вышла прошивка 1.08 dlink.ru/ru/products/120/1716_d.html. I would simply like the Ability to "Roll Back" / Downgrade to earlier Firmware. A workaround would be appreciated. I have Itunes Server issues. Alt-F firmware upgrade web page can flash the vendor's supplied firmware, so you can always do a "downgrade". have been tested ON A DNS-323-rev-A1/B1 , a DNS-320L-rev-A1, a DNS-325-rev-A1 and on a DNS-327L-rev-A1 BOARDs. Nov 3, 2012 The box checks automatically if a new firmware is available, and will inform So if you are planning to downgrade from fw 4.40+ to below, first. D-Link DNS-320 & DNS-325 NAS: Replacing Firmware. Replacing U-boot means you can boot from kernels stored on a UBIFS filesystem, as well as reliably. Sorry, no, as others have stated it doesn't appear to be working with 10.10 at this time (recently I had to downgrade the firmware because it hanged the system) I' m Last firmware is 2.05 which i can confirm I still fail to connect to the time. Sep 18, 2011 Better late than never, D-Link released a beta firmware to address the DNS- 320 beta firmware (2.02) supports Time Machine on Lion Hi I flashed this version and now I cannot downgrade to a lower version and it does. Dec 18, 2011 Hi, I have a DNS-320 with 2.00 firmware, fun_plug and transmission 2.42. Is there I'll try the downgrade later and will reset the HDD.

Как понизить прошивку nas 320

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